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Meet Local Authors Forum Hosted by Lynette Lee

I had the pleasure of participating in the Meet Local Author's Forum hosted by Lynette Lee on Thursday November 7, 2019 and it was an amazing experience! This was my second opportunity participating in this event and I walked out of there feeling better than I did the last time! The venue "Guncotton Coffee and Gallery" is a great space for big functions and the people who came out were very supportive. The Authors who spoke had great testimonials about what encouraged them to write their books. The message I received as an Author was to never give up and to know that what we write isn't just a book, it's feeling's written by you that could possibly change or impact someone else's life. I will continue to hold on to that wisdom as I write my children's books because they're written to encourage and teach children about Love, being kind to others, and the value of family and friends. I believe if WE ALL encourage and teach children these values early we can help them change the world!

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