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Clunker the Clumsy Caribou

ISBN: 978-1-7323439-3-1


Clunker the Clumsy Caribou is a picture book for children ages 3-8. This is a tale about a young Caribou who is embarking on a wonderful and new journey with his friends. The more excited Clunker gets during the trip, the clumsier he becomes, making it difficult for his friends to enjoy themselves. With guidance and a kind heart, Clunker tries really hard to control his excitement, not only for his friends to enjoy themselves but to prove to himself that he could do it as well.


What I Love About Christmas

ISBN: 978-1-7323439-6-2


What I Love About Christmas is a picture book for all children.  This is a story that describes all of the wonderful things the Author and her family love about the Christmas holiday. From the beautiful decorations, the delightful holiday meal, to embracing the quality time spent with loved ones, this story is truly one that any family can enjoy.

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Tammy the Tempered Bull

ISBN: 978-1-7323439-9-3

Tammy the Tempered Bull is a picture book for children ages 3-8. This is a tale about a young calf who is surprised with a trip to the county fair by her parents. After a short period of fun and laughter, the area begins to fill with many other guests, making the lines longer and the games more competitive. Tammy grows very frustrated by this. Her quick temper causes her to lose sight of why her parents took her to the fair, until she meets a new friend. Tammy soon realizes that it is not about how many prizes you win or how fast you can get on the rides, but about enjoying the time you get to spend with family and friends.

 Julian the Investigative Penguin

ISBN: 978-1-7323439-2-4

Julian the Investigative Penguin is a picture book for all children to enjoy. This is a tale about a young autistic penguin who is on an exciting field trip with his class. Like the others, Julian is amazed by the different things that he sees, but not without something triggering a different sensory response for him. His eagerness and curiosity to see new things, causes him to elope. Separated from those most important to him, can Julian brave being alone and scared?

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