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Meet Local Authors Event by Lynette Lee in Hopewell,Va 5/2/2019

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

This week I had the honor of showcasing and selling my books at the "Meet Local Authors" event in Hopewell, Va. This was an amazing experience! Our host's were very welcoming and the venue (Guncotton Coffee and Gallery) was perfect! The live music provided by Tri-Cities Best Winner Leon Live was great throughout the evening and our guest speakers Kim Wells Eley from KWE Publishing, LLC and Critically Acclaimed Novelist Charles Carroll Lee did an amazing job with providing important pieces of information on steps you need and should take if you're looking to publish your book. I also had the opportunity to meet several amazing authors and illustrators with such creative talents in putting a story together that I was blown away; it was awesome! I look forward to attending this event in the future.

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Von Woods
Von Woods

This was such an amazing event glad I got a chance to be there with you!!!

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